WorkL Happiest Companies Awards 2023

At WorkL we help individuals find jobs at the happiest companies. WorkL's Happiest Companies Awards recognise organisations with the highest levels of employee happiness and engagement each year.

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WorkL is home to the world's largest live database on how happy employees are at work, with insight on over 50,000+ organisations across 26 sectors.
We want to help job seekers by showing the how employees really feel about working at that organisation and not just the average employee - we show live happiness scores for employees across different age groups, genders, sexual orientation, length of service and much more!
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Happy at Work
Do you love your job? Do you have a great relationship with your manager and colleagues? Do you have all the tools and training you need to carry out your work? We want to hear from you!
The WorkL Happiest Companies Awards celebrate organisations who are going above and beyond to provide a great experience and prioritise happiness at work. The awards also help organisations to improve as we give them advice and guidance based on your feedback. The Awards take place in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.
In 2022 over 26,000 organisations were entered. Organisations qualify as finalists within the awards when they have an average workplace satisfaction score of over 60%.
What are the WorkL Happiest Companies Awards
It is free to enter and takes just 5 minutes to complete. By taking the survey you will receive instant results, feedback and guidance on how you can improve your happiness and engagement at work.
At the start of the survey you'll be asked to enter your company name, but it's completely anonymous - your organisation won't know you, or any of your colleagues have completed it, or what you've said
Enter Happiest Companies Awards
There are lots of categories that your organisation may be considered for:
Gold: 80+% employee happiness score.
Silver: 70-79% employee happiness score.
Bronze: 60-69% employee happiness score.
Most Inclusive: best performers for diversity and inclusivity, across gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability.
Best for Wellbeing: best performers for supporting employee wellbeing.
Best for Women - best performers for supporting women in employment.
Most Engaged Employees: best overall performers for engagement.
Management: organisations with the most engaged managers.
Development: organisations who go above and beyond for developing its employees.
Industry Star: best performers in each of the 26 industry categories - e.g Not for Profit, Retail, Legal and Real estate industries.
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What is WorkL? WorkL are a digital tool on a mission to help individuals to have a happier working life. We support you throughout your working life, with personalised advice, finding you the right job in the best organisation and building your network and knowledge to have a successful time at work.
Why should I enter my organisation?Our Awards allow organisations to take pride in the work they are doing for the employee experience. By taking the survey you’ll receive instant results, feedback and guidance about how you can improve your happiness and engagement at work.
From this individuals and their organisations can work on low scoring areas and champion areas in which they have scored highly to become a better organisation that supports a happier working life for all!
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