WorkL Workplace Awards 2021, supported by The Telegraph

The WorkL Workplace Awards 2021, supported by The Telegraph recognises organisations which have achieved consistently high levels of employee engagement in 2020-2021. Over 20,000 organisations across 26 sectors were entered into the awards by their employees, thank you to our WorkLers for their nominations! Whilst the 2021 awards have now closed we are accepting entries for the WorkL Workplace Awards 2022, see instructions of how to enter your organisation below!

How do I enter my organisation?
It’s as easy as taking the free Happy At Work Test, just add your organisations name at the start of the survey when prompted. By taking the survey you’ll receive instant results, feedback and guidance about how you can improve your happiness and engagement at work.
Happiest Companies List
The Happy Companies list is a live ranking of how happy and engaged employees are at over 20,000 organisations across 26 industries. The rankings are updated daily and provide unique insight into what it is like to work at that company by showing happiness scores across ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and much, much more!Click here to see how your organisation ranks or view and apply for jobs at happy companies.
Awards Categories
Every organisation with an average workplace satisfaction score of above 60% became a WorkL Workplace Awards Finalist. The top performers were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards depending on their overall scores. We also recognised those performing well in the categories below. Click on the links provided to see a full ranking of the medal and category winners.
Industry Star- Top organisations in each of our 26 categoriesMost Inclusive Organisation- Covering demographic indicators; gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disabilityBest in WellbeingMost Engaged Employees
If you are a winning organisation and wish to purchase your winning logo for promotional purposes please click below tocontact our team here or for more information.

Interested in finding out how happy you are at work? Take the free Happy at Work Test today and enter your organisation in the WorkL Workplace Awards 2022

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