How to work your way to happiness

We’re big believers in the idea that when you find the right work for you it can become a huge source of happiness and fulfilment. That’s why we ask you to do is take the WorkL Happiness Test so you can understand how happy you are at work at the moment, and how you can get to where you want to go.

Your Tests
Once you’ve completed a Happy At Work Test it will be stored in your develop career section so you can track your workplace happiness over time.
Test Yourself
We offer a whole range of tests to help you discover more about yourself and find out which jobs will be best for you.
Get started today.
Mentor Matcher
Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their working life, whether it’s with writing a CV or interview preparation, a challenge along the way, or thinking about future career steps.Our mentor matching programme looks at your profile and what type of mentor you’d like and pairs you up. Simple.
Happy At Work Test
Our free Happy At Work Test is quick and easy to take. It will measure how happy your are in your current job and compare you to people who look like you in age, gender, ethnicity, job role and industry, so you can see where you might be happier.Our Premium customers also receive action planning to help them improve their workplace happiness with helpful links to videos, podcasts and articles.
CV Library
Our CV writer will help you compose the best possible CV for your job application.We also have a useful guide to help you on your way. Once you’ve completed a CV you can store it in your CV library to use again or amend.
Career Developer
Get started by setting up your personalised career development portal on WorkL, here you can take tests and quizzes to find the right job for you, set your career goals, create and tweak your CV, find a mentor, find a job and much more.
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