There are over 1 million different types of jobs in the world.

1 of them is the perfect fit for you.

Our career developer tests will help you discover what type of jobs are best suited to you, and then we’ll help you find the happiest organisations for you to work in.

Complete our career tests to find out what jobs are right for you
Find those jobs in the happiest companies to work for
Get matched with suitable vacancies
Job Finder
Each week we posts hundreds of jobs in the happiest companies to work for.You can search by job role, company and industry. It couldn’t be easier to find a job you’ll be happy in.
Job Matcher
Our Premium job matcher service allows you to put your feet up as we do the job search for you. Companies tell us what type of candidate they are looking for and we match that against your records.If there’s a match we let you and the company know. You can then proceed if you’d like to.
Happy Companies
Tens of thousands of individuals taking our Happy At Work Test tell us who they work for to help others, like them, find the happiest companies to work for. We then list all those organisations and put their live and updated ranking on our jobs board.
Happy Industries
From our Happy At Work Test we are able to share which industries and countries people think are happiest to work in. The list is live and continually updated.
Get started today.
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