How happy are employees at your workplace?
WorkL is home to the world's largest live workplace happiness database - with data on over 70,000 organisations across 26 industries.We want to show how employees really feel about working at an organisation in real time, and not just the average employee - we show live workplace happiness scores for employees across different age groups, genders, sexual orientation, disability, length of service and much more.Find out how your workplace scores on our live list here.
WorkL Happiest Workplaces 2023
Each year we recognise the highest performing workplaces who are going above and beyond to provide a positive experience for employees. The results help organisations improve their employee’s experience from the insights we provide.The WorkL Happiest Workplaces 2023 are now live - click here to see if your workplace was included.
To win an award, a workplace must score above 70%.
How can I enter my workplace into the Happiest Workplaces?
You can enter your workplace by taking ourHappy at Work Test.and telling us where you work. It's free to take and takes just 5 minutes to complete. You'll also receive instant results, feedback and guidance on how you can improve your own workplace happiness.
The test is completely anonymous - your organisation won’t know you, or any other colleagues have completed it and what you’ve said.
In 2023, over 70,000 organisations were entered by their employees. You can view the Happiest Workplaces 2023here.
Purchase your WorkL Happiest Workplaces 2023 Logo and Certificate
If your organisation has been recognised as one of the happiest places to work you can download your logo and certificate to promote your organisation’s achievement.
WorkL Happiest Workplaces 2023 Categories
In addition to recognising Happiest Workplaces, we also recognise organisations across a number of categories:
Most Inclusive:Workplaces with the highest diversity and inclusion scores, across gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability.
Best for Wellbeing:Workplaces with the highest wellbeing scores.
Best for Women:Workplaces with the highest workplaces happiness scores for women.
Most Engaged Employees:Workplaces with the most engaged employees.
Best for Management:Workplaces with the highest workplace scores for management.
Best for Development:Workplaces with the highest workplace happiness scores for career development.
Best for Disabled Employees:Workplaces with the highest workplace happiness scores for disabled employees.
Best for Ages 19-24: Workplaces with the highest workplace happiness scores for ages 19-24.
Best for Age 55+:Workplaces with the highest workplace happiness scores for age 55+.
Best for LGBTQ+ Employees:Workplaces with the highest workplace happiness scores for LGBTQ+ employees.
Industry stars:Workplaces with the highest workplace happiness scores, across our 26 industries.
If you would like to find out more, or discuss partnering on a category please
What is WorkL?
WorkL is a digital platform on a mission to help employees to work happier. We help employees throughout their working life, helping them with advice, finding a role at a happy workplace and building their network and knowledge.
I've been contacted as I'm a Happiest Workplace 2023, what should I do next?
Congratulations! You can now begin promoting your achievement by purchasing a logo, visithereto find out more. Contact us for more information.